Follow along with recent updates to the GDLN Asia Pacific website via RSS or e-mail.  Here you will find links to all of our RSS feeds and an e-mail subscription option for each one. 

To receive updates by e-mail when new information appears on the site, simply enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field and click subscribe.  A window will pop up asking you to enter a code.  Upon completing this you should receive a confirmation e-mail (check your spam folder if you don’t see it).  Click the link in the e-mail to confirm, and you will begin receiving e-mails when new content is added. 

RSS allows you to view updates to your favorite websites at a centralized location in a format similar to e-mail.  Instead of visiting each website to check for updates, one can access the ‘feed reader’ and check for updates to all of their subscribed sites at once.  A primer on RSS and how to use it is available below for those unfamiliar with the technology.

Available Feeds:

RSS Feedsubscribe to e-mail updates
News UpdatesSubscribe to News Updates by Email
recent and upcoming program descriptions
Program Related NewsSubscribe to Program Related News Updates by Email

A primer on RSS

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but while its use is becoming more and more widespread, someone not familiar with the technology may find it far from simple.  The simple in the name actually refers to the data format in use being an easily machine-readable means of syndicating content across the Internet.  Once you’ve taken a few minutes to become familiar with some software used to subscribe to RSS feeds (feed readers from here on out), we think you’ll find that RSS isn’t all that complicated for humans either.  We’ll guide you through the subscription process for free feed readers in four categories: online, Windows, Mac, and Linux and hope that from there you’ll be able to find your way around any of the wide range of feed reading software out there.

What is ATOM?

ATOM is an alternative format to RSS.  There are different pros and cons to each standard but most good feed readers will support both formats.  From the end user’s point of view they are basically the same thing.  As RSS is older and slightly more widely supported we are offering RSS feeds here, but the process for subscribing to ATOM feeds should be the same as for RSS feeds, so learning how to subscribe to our RSS feeds will help you with subscribing to ATOM feeds as well.

A guide to subscribing to our feeds in different feed readers


The disadvantage of using desktop software to subscribe to RSS feeds is that your subscription list is, generally speaking, local to the computer that the software is installed on.  If you subscribe to a feed at work it usually won’t automatically show up on your home computer.  Online feed readers solve this problem by handling all of your feed reading in the web browser.

Google Reader

Google Reader is Google’s online feed reader offering.  A google account is required to use Google Reader, but registering for an account is free.

How to subscribe to a GDLN Asia Pacific RSS feed in Google Reader
  1. Visit Google Reader in your web browser.
  2. Sign up for a free account, or login if you already have an account: image
  3. Copy the feed address from the top of this page: image
  4. Click Add Subscription in Google Reader and paste the feed address into the field that appears.  Click add. image
  5. enjoy! image


  1. Download and install SharpReader a free feed reader for Windows.
  2. Copy the feed address from the top of this page: image
  3. In SharpReader, click Open RSS Feed in the File menu: image
  4. Paste the feed address into the field and check the Subscribe to feed checkbox before clicking the OK button. image
  5. enjoy! image

Note: If you use Outlook, and would prefer to subscribe to your feeds in Outlook, NewsGator Inbox will enable that.


  1. Download and install NetNewsWire a free feed reader for Windows.
  2. Copy the feed address from the top of this page: image
  3. Follow the steps in the video below to install:
  4. enjoy!


  1. Download and install Liferea.
  2. Copy the feed address from the top of this page: image
  3. Click New Subscription… in Liferea: image
  4. Paste the feed address into the field and click the OK button. image
  5. enjoy! image